July 21 Grizzly Peak Trail, Berkeley Hills, California

Claremont Canyon Regional Preserve

July 21st, 2020 | Tuesday Evening | Foggy

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A 2,000-feet blanket of fog entered the East Bay yesterday and by chance, our walk was in the midst of it. The walk started relatively easy, but became more challenging with rather steep terrain, difficult in Wombat’s standard, which should be easy for most other people.


Trees in fog
Hiking in fog

The fog encompassed us and grew thicker as we walked on. The hills dropped down to a grey blanket; we felt like we were on a floating island, in a bubble of its own. It was such a mysterious yet beautiful emotion.

Hiking in fog

About the author

Dee Dee Lim is a architect and potter who loves nature and camping. She romantizes about living in the desert with Mike, Pepper (our cat), goats, a ceramic studio and a vegetable garden.