Fremont Peak State Park, California

August 7th, 2020 | Saturday | 70 – 90’F | Sunset in the Fog


August 7th

The drive up Fremont State Park Campground was scenic. The costal fog has rolled in; in front of us was a composition of the sky, mountains and a bed of fog; the world beneath us has vanished.

August 8th

We drove to the beach after breakfast, seeking refuge from the flies and the summer heat. Schools of pelicans flew past as we lied on the sand.

On our way back, we drove past signs that said “Sheep for Sale” and “Cows for Sale”. We stopped, bought a cow, a sheep and a goat, shoved them into the back seats of Steve Subaru, and headed home. I hope Pepper doesn’t mind her new mates.

About the author

Dee Dee Lim is a architect and potter who loves nature and camping. She romantizes about living in the desert with Mike, Pepper (our cat), goats, a ceramic studio and a vegetable garden.