Sunset at Abbotts Lagoon Point Reyes National Seashore PInesneezer

Point Reyes National Seashore, California

August 15th, 2020 | Saturday | 80’F | Amazing Weather

Sunset Timelapse from Abbotts Lagoon
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Learning with Nature:

  1. Brown pelicans weigh about 8 pounds and measure a little over 4 feet in length, with a wingspan of over 6.5 feet. The brown pelican is the only pelican that is a plunge diver. The brown pelican is a unique feeder that makes impressive dives from ten to thirty above the surface. They are, however, able to dive from as high as one hundred feet. The deeper the meal the higher the dive. When it sees a potential meal it begins to tip downwards, the wings shape into a V, and dives. When the bill touches the surface of the water the pelican will push its legs and wings back creating a bit more force, under the water the bill opens and the pouch stretches out wide allowing the pelican to scoop up fish. The pelicans hit the water with such force that even fish six feet below the surface are stunned. Air sacs throughout the bird’s body help to cushion the shock from the dive. Their pouch, attached to the lower mandible, when full can hold up to three gallons of water and fish, it is the largest pouch of any bird in the world. The pelican pops up to the surface, tips their head and bill forward letting the water drain out yet keeping the fish. Then they toss their head back to position the fish head first and swallow. It is said that brown pelicans can eat as much as four pounds of fish in one day. – National Park Service

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Dee Dee Lim is a architect and potter who loves nature and camping. She romantizes about living in the desert with Mike, Pepper (our cat), goats, a ceramic studio and a vegetable garden.